Simple Past Tense

This post is all about the simple past tense, when it's used and how it's formed.

When do we use this tense?
In stating completed action in the past
Ex. I saw Larry yesterday.

In stating a series of completed actions
Ex. I went home, ate my dinner and watched television.

In stating a longer action that starts and stops in the past; time expressions usually go with it
Ex. I lived in Canada for six months.

In stating habits which stopped in the past
Ex. I studied Japanese when I was in high school.

In stating past facts or generalizations
Ex. I didn’t eat cucumber before.

How is the simple past made?

Positive sentence ----Subject + verb+ ed or irregular form
Ex. I waited. (subject is “I” and verb + ed is “waited”)
I hid. (subject is “I” and irregular verb is “hid”)

Questions--------------Auxilliary verb + subject +verb
Ex. Did she go out? (“did” is the auxiliary verb + “she” which is the subject and “go” the verb)

Negative sentence-----Subject +auxiliary verb + verb
Ex. I didn’t watch it. (“I” is the subject, “did” is the auxiliary and “watch” is the verb)


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